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Switching Over

So I've decided to move my crafting blog over to vox. I like vox better, and since I didn't have many posts to begin with, or many readers of this blog, I decided to make the jump. My apologies to my LJ peeps who have friended me here. My main blog will still remain on Livejournal, so no worries! Thanks for reading!

Oh--and for those who are interested, my new craft blog is HERE.


Long time no write

So I haven't updated this blog in a long, long time - but a TON of things have been going on! First of all - and the biggest thing- is that my husband and I moved to California! We're living in Venice, only a mile from the beach! It's such a different lifestyle than NY, I was really worried I would hate it.... but to be honest, I'm enjoying it quite a bit! I do miss being near my family, and I miss autumn and changing leaves and the way the air smells right before it snows... but I can't complain about the weather here! At first I was bummed because I didn't think I'd be able to make any more warm scarves or hats, but there have certainly been some chilly nights that have called for some extra layers!

Secondly, my workload has increased considerably. I've taken on another comics-related job in addition to my main gig, so my schedule has become MUCH more hectic! Unfortunately, that means less time for crafting... which sucks because I have so many things I want to make: sweaters, socks, hats, gifts, Blythe clothes, amigurumi... the list goes on and on!

However, I have managed to complete a couple projects since I 've moved: I finished my Cobweb scarf, my Jolly Roger Sweater, and I completed a project from Twinkle's Book of Big City Knits! I also completed the seabird bag from Andean Folk Knits and several Blythe outfits for my own dolls as well as swaps I've participated in!

Here are some pics of my FOs!

Oh, and back to life in California, I've made some friends including the talented and inspiring Cecily Keim, co-author of Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting! She's always introducing me to new, fabulous yarn and has the most lovely crocheted swatches that look good enough to eat! I can't stop geeking out over the fact that her patterns appear in magazines, including the coveted Interweave Crochet! I feel like I can learn a LOT from Cecily about crochet!

Anyway, along with her and my husband, and a couple other pals, we've created a sort of weekly crafting club or get-together called "Craftonite" where we meet up, eat, drink, and make stuff! And we've had such a good time doing it, we've were inspired to apply for a table at Felt Club this past November, and we got in! Woo! We also made a Craftonite website! There's not much on it yet, but we're planning on opening an etsy store at some point. Anyway, Felt club was quite a success! We sold crocheted amigurumi budgie buddies, Cecily sold lovely snowflake ornaments, and my husband and I sold our Dollar Dreadfulswhich are short stories inspired by the original dime novels. Oh, we also had prints and buttons and I sold my knitting comic ashcan! We were all worried about getting enough stuff done to fill up a table, but we actually had almost TOO much stuff to fit on a table. It was a fun day!

In other news, I recently got into Ravelry. I haven't had much time to play around with it yet, but I'm really looking forward to using it to organize all my projects and yarn! There's nothing I love more than organizing chaos, so that will be fun!

As far as Blythe goes, ever since getting my first doll, Lemony, back at the beginning of the year, I've become hopelessly addicted! I've now got 7 dolls!!! I used to say that 3 was my limit. But now I'm thinking maybe 9 or 10 is a good cut-off point. I don't want to get TOO many because then I won't have enough time to play with them all, but they're all so unique and they all have their own personalities that I can't resist! I'm really excited about knitting and crocheting more things for them because I want to update their wardrobes with something other than Barbie clothes, and because making little hats and sweaters is so quick and satisfying! I want to get back to sewing as well, but I haven't yet unpacked my sewing machine. I do have a little crafting room in our new place (um, more like a converted closet!), but it's a bit of a train wreck at the moment! One day it'll be very cool!

Anyway, that's the general update. I'll try to post more often about the various projects I'm actually working on. (Right now, I'm tackling my first pair of knitted gloves! Yikes!) And now that I have a shiny new bike I keep wanting to adorn it with a cool bike cozy! Stay tuned!

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I last updated. That's partially because I haven't had as much time lately to do crafty things: work has been demanding and I haven't really started anything new. I've just been working on all the things that I've already mentioned in past entries. I'm almost done with my Cobweb scarf - thanks in part to my husband frequently bugging me to finish it! It's going to be a gift for one of his work acquaintances who helped him move an important project along.

I'm also chugging along on my mom's cashmere scarf. I've only got two skeins left to knit through, but I can safely say I am sick of this project! Will it ever end?? And I'm also bummed to realize that the change of dye lots between the skeins is pretty obvious now that I've knit it up. I couldn't really tell the difference when they were all wound up. (It's all hand-painted yarn from a smaller company, so there are no dye lot numbers printed on the tags). I just didn't realize each skein was so different. Oh well... I guess that's one of the charms of hand-painted yarn.

I've also been teaching myself a new craft - sewing! I figured, I already know how to knit and crochet. Why not add sewing to the mix? At this rate I'll end up a jack of all trades, master of none! I got a sewing machine and realized it's not as easy to operate as I expected. I've been practicing by sewing little clothes for my Blythe dolls. (Um... yes that's plural. I've added two more dolls to my collection since my last post!)


I've been following patterns to make little dresses but most of my attempts have been failures. None of the following dresses fit my dolls properly!

dress failures

Click to see my latest attempt!Collapse )

In other news, my Secret Pal Mellow/Rutabaga swap from the Knitty board has come to an end! I finally figured out who my spoiler was- Licraftgal - a fellow New Yorker, in fact! It actually worked out pretty funny because I was spoiling Knitmommy, she was spoiling Licraftgal, and Licraftgal was spoiling me! And boy, did she ever spoil me!

Licraftgal really outdid herself this time! Check all this out!


She sent me another cool fairy card with a personal note, a sketchbook, a sheepy notepad, and a super cute Hello Kitty tote bag! ^_^ But that's not all!

CLICKY to see the rest of the goodies!Collapse )

So, again Licraftgal, if you are reading this, thank you so so soooo much! Your generosity astounds me. This has been my first Secret Pal swap and it was a blast! Thanks to you I now have a ton of knitting accessories and yummy yarn to play with!

More works in progress

So here's another update with some more projects I'm working on (is it any wonder why I never get anything done??).

But first! My knitty Secret Pal sent me another surprise:

(sorry about the crummy photo)

SP gifts

A "fairy" cool card (sorry, that was a corny pun!) with a nice note, an adorable teeny-tiny crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches, and a neato tape measure!! I am so spoiled - thank you SP!! ^_^ It was especially nice to get something in my mailbox after a long and hectic weekend!

Now, look below the cut for a bunch of pictures of some things I'm working on...


What else is going on? Oh yes! My husband thinks I'm an absolute geek, but I've joined a guild on World of Warcraft comprised of several of us on the knitty boards. We're called "Purls of the Alliance". I almost couldn't believe there were other knitters out there who love to play WoW - but I think it's great! One of our members even has a popular WoW podcast, World of Warcast! Check out our forums: Purls of the Alliance
And here's my new character, Arachne, a Warlock!


Last but not least, I'm excited to say that I splurged and bought a Blythe doll! Here she is: Blythe - Feel the Sky, a cute flight attendant. (Ironic because I hate flying).

Blythe, Feel the Sky

I've named her Birdie. I can't wait to knit little hats and things for her. ^_^


Secret Pals and works in process!

I've been pretty swamped so I haven't managed to update until now. First off, I recently signed up for a Secret Pal thing on the Knitty message boards It's basically a thing where you get to spoil someone with knitting related gifts and you get spoiled in return! I won't reveal what I sent my person, just in case they stumble across this blog and find out who I am, but I will post what I got from my own secret pal (who rocks!)

Clicky to see the goods!Collapse )

Thank you sooo much, SP! You're the best! I wonder who you are.....??

Now, for works-in-progress... haha, I have about a million things. I love starting projects... finishing them not so much. Below the cut are a couple pics of projects I have recently completed, and one that is taking me an eternity!

ClickyCollapse )

Well, that's it for now! Next time I'll post about my Cobweb scarf, Skull & Crossbones Sweater, and counterfeit crochet handbag!

My first sock!

So I may be a dork for getting excited over such a minor thing, but I don't care. It's my blog and I can geek out as much as I want. ^_^

I finished my first sock last night and I'm feeling warm and fuzzy inside for having been able to do it. Unfortunately, I chose to knit my first sock in a sort of cheap acrylic yarn so it's not super soft - but the self striping yarn sure looks nifty. (I used Moda Dea Sassy Stripes).

Clicky to see the final result!Collapse )

I also tried making some shrinky dink stitch markers with the Say Llama logo. But, unfortunately, they didn't turn out very well. The instructions say to print the image very faded because they're supposed to darken in the oven. But they didn't darken as much as I expected. Furthermore, the ink never fully dried on the plastic, so it was tough not to touch or smear the shapes by accident as I was cutting them out. But they're so cute and small! I just may try again later on...

shrinky dinks

Project progress

I'm currently working on a couple projects so I thought I'd share them here.

First - socks. I've always been intimidated by their complex shape, so I never thought about trying to learn how to knit them. I probably would have put it off even longer but my local yarn store had a sale (because, unfortunately, they are closing down) and I bought some nice wool sock yarn on discount. But I didn't want to have my first sock attempt on nice wool, so I bought some cheap acrylic yarn at Michael's and followed an online tutorial.

Clicky to see my progress so far:Collapse )

Second is a project is a winter hat for my husband. I already tried making him another hat that ended disastrously. It basically ended up being way too big and floppy and wound up looking like a toilet seat cover. This time, I'm using my favorite yarn: Plymouth Yarn's 100% Baby Alpaca Grande. It's so wonderfully soft!


I'll post pics when that's done as well.

Third - my Knit-Wits manga. Right now I'm in the middle of polishing the script. Here's the synopsis:

Bernadette is about to start college but she has no idea where she wants to go with her life. Having a powerful lawyer for a mom pressuring her to get into an Ivy league school isn't helping matters, either. When Bernadette discovers and befriends a bizarre group of people in her neighborhood, she soon gets swept up in the joys and pains of the needle. The knitting needle, that is! It turns out there's a local yarn shop with a wacky, weekly knitting club. And it's more zany drama than she ever could have imagined. But what will Bernie's ultra-feminist mom say when she's discovered participating in the dreaded domestic arts?

The synopsis is likely going to be tweaked to reflect the weirder, wackier nature of the story. Originally, I planned the story as a slightly more serious drama about a girl trying to figure out her place in the world and how she deals with pressure from her mother. But I'm always writing stories like that and I wanted to just throw all seriousness out the window and just make a really funny, irreverent comic with the same broad theme, but taking itself less seriously. I may even end up changing the title.

Clicky for a couple images relating to the comic!Collapse )

That's all the updates for now!

Welcome to Say Llama Friends!

Say Llama Friends

Hi everyone! This is my newest blog which will focus on knitting, crochet, amigurumi, and related projects.

Just a fair warning - this blog will likely be image heavy, but if a post has an excessive number of images I will put them behind a cut.

Some of the things I'm going to talk about on this blog are:

-Say Llama Friends amigurumi. Amigurumi is a Japanese word for cute little stuffed dolls that are usually crocheted. I'm currently working on some original amigurumi designs to fill Say Llama Land, a fictional amigurmi world! ^_^ A separate website will be up eventually at sayllamafriends.com

Below is a pic of one of my designs: Gwen the cat!

Gwen the cat

-My attempts to learn to knit more than just a scarf Crocheting is fun, but I wanted to learn to knit as well. It's been a good challenge with many disasters along the way. ^_^

-My knitting manga, Knit-Wits! I've been working on this personal project, a doujinshi with a knitting theme. (For those who don't know, doujinshi is just my fancy way of saying comic book). I'm not sure how many pages it will wind up being, but it's going to be zany and ridiculous - just the way I like it! Here's a pic of the main character, Bernadette - a.k.a. the Chosen One! I'm aiming to have this available for the MoCCA Art Fest in June


Lastly, a quick explanation on the name Say Llama. It's sort of a pun. In spanish, se llama (pronounced "Say Yama") means basically his/her/your name. And since my amigurumi will each have their own names and personalities, I thought this was fitting. The other part of the pun is the fact that alpacas, my favorite animal, belong to the llama family of camelids and their wool is often used to create soft yarn for knitting and crochet! As a result, the title is both a hint at the amigurumis' names, yarn fiber, and a silly exclamation.